Bait to Plate

Kev Collins

Well known Restauranter and co-owner of Fish D'vine & The Rum Bar in Airlie Beach. When Kev's not working he's out fishing in the amazing food bowl of the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park or in his tinnie in the estuaries crabbing! His blog imparts wisdom, tales and info on all things fishing and food.

Life (and fishing) after Debbie

Happy to report the reef fish are still abundant and just as delicious after cyclone Debbie. Even in fairly rough conditions our local commercial fisherman have been to sea over the last week and are supplying great quality Red Throat Emperor, Coral Trout, Nannygai and all the usual reef “suspects”. I even had my first day off since the cyclone yesterday and popped out on the water for a little look (and a quick fish). The area looks a bit like a beautiful girl after a big night out. Lippy a little smudged, mascara running a bit and a bit dishevelled, but still, a beautiful girl (or hunky guy to be non-sexist).

Plenty of good quality fish around including a cracking Blue Spot Coral Trout and a whopping big Flowery Cod which I released. There are nice to eat but better to let them swim away with plenty of more abundant species for the table to catch. This is about as big as I have ever seen a Flowery Cod and they are a strikingly beautifully patterned fish. Reports from the reef is that Red Throat are showing up in almost plague proportions and we will have these as a special in the restaurant over the weekend.

Speaking of this weekend our catering team is doing big things. The Mango Growers conference on Bowen with 240 delegates for 3 days and nights and the variety Club Jet Trek into Airlie Beach for another 250 hardy souls so we are doing 2 dinners and a lunch for them as well. Never a dull moment.

Pop in for some fresh RTE (Red Throat Emperor) or Coral Trout over the weekend. As fresh and can be and supporting, through us, another local small business operator.